Thanks for your support on passing the new Condo Law

·      We need your help to start workshops to inform condo owners on the new law.

We need the PD, State Attorney and our senators. We might need venues in your districts.

·      There are major problems with the DBPR since the new law became effective in Jul 2017.

·      Since its implementation the DBPR has been closing cases without full  investigation

·      Arbitrators tells petitioners to go to Civil Court

·      DBPR Management has refused to meet with us.

·      We want to discuss with them the collusion we have found among their supervisors, lawyers and Property Managers.

·      We want to call on the Inspector General to investigate the DBPR

·      Miami Office staffed by 4 people and one already left from 10 promised – Only one speak Spanish

·      We do not believe that they are the staff we need in Miami-Dade

·      Need your help to get the DBPR to staff correctly the office in Miami

·      Reach out to our elected officials in  Tallahasse to improve the law next year