Be Included with All The Movers and Shakers in Miami-Dade County. This Event will be SOLD OUT!

Trade Show, Motivational Seminars, Educational Workshops, VIP Networking & Much More!

25+ Reasons to Exhibit at the
Miami-Dade County Business Conference:
Secure new business contacts, develop prospect database, accelerate the sales process, access the decision maker, provide hands-on exposure to products and services, identify and assess new markets, maintain market viability, introduce a company to a new market, launch a new product or service, counteract competitor claims, generate media exposure, build brand awareness, recruit new distributors, retailers or representatives, recruit personnel with specialized skills, network with the regional business community, expand your business out of county and Internationally, gain customer feedback, maintain profile with competitors,  test the market for new product or service development, identify and assess new markets, getting your customers to buy more, maintain  or extend relationships with existing clients, trade show return-on-investment is lasting, market research, prevent client switching.     INFO: (305) 278 – 1811