Peaceful Protest to Stop Glitch Bills that will hurt Condo Owners
Tuesday 11/28/2017 @ 6 PM
Saint Agnes Church  100 Harbor Dr., Key Biscayne 33149

Reform Florida’s Future will be holding a peaceful protest in the sidewalk in front of the Key Biscayne Yacht Club where Florida Bar President Michael J. Higer will be speaking to the KeyBiscayne Bar Association. We are very concerned of the hostile direction and position the Florida Bar has taken against Condominium and HOA owners. It is troubling that an institution whose purpose is to be neutral and regulatory of its members at the same time seems to be a lobbying arm forspecial interests. Certainly those that stand to benefit from these Glitch bills are certain influential law firms like Becker and Poliakoff and Siegfried Rivera who represent hundreds of associations across the state. If the Florida Bar were a tool of powerful law firms and the HOA/Condo lobby then they are certainly not fulfilling their mission. It’s preposterous that the good name of the Florida Bar is being thrown around to help strip Condo/ HOA owners of their rights. Moreover, the Florida Bar’s prestige and honor is being tainted because the Legislature passed this legislation unanimously. The purpose of the Florida Bar is to help and support the legislature not undermine their job.

We want to let Florida Bar President Michael Higger know that this legislation was passed to protect the American people from predatory management companies, abusive attorneys and those board members that collude with them. This abuse of power is happening at the expense of everyone else. This legislation was long overdue as was the standing, funding of DBPR. We have seen these bad apples of attorneys who think they are above the law in action. They think that because they host fundraisers for Judges and have friends at the Florida Bar they can bully DBPR investigators and owners. It’s unfortunate and we will not stand for this ill-founded sense of entitlement. The rule of law is not up for sale. Reform Florida’s Future admires these unsung heroes that are the DBPR investigators because they are just trying to do their job. They are paid meager wages and are humble folks that have to stand up to bullies who are trying to protect lawless boards. This also must change DBPR needs more staff, better wages, and enforcement authority.

We want to let Mr. Higer know that there is not enough oversight of the way attorneys are conducting themselves in HOA/Condos and it’s an assault on our Property Rights. This is a very serious matter and our leadership in Tallahassee has realized it. These bad apples are attacking the foundation of the basic principles of this country the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When people lose their homes to these corrupt associations they no longer have quality of life they become homeless. Furthermore, when these abusive people use association money to retaliate, intimidate, and sue owners with the excuse of alleged libel, slander any person cannot feel free in their own home. No one can be happy living in these horrible conditions. Enough is enough we cannot keep turning a blind eye on what a few but powerful law firms are doing to adversely affect millions of hard working Americans who live in Condos and HOA’s. It is a double edged sword that the management company that handles the accounting and elections use these tools to retaliate against condo owners. The pillars of accountability are not there.

That is why we ask for your participation in this peaceful demonstration for our rights.

Maryin Vargas
Reform Florida’s Future