A community leader is a respected title, a trusted source of information and an advocate for the needs of its local area. Beginning Monday, January 22, the City of Miami Beach will be equipping interested residents with the tools they need to succeed as municipal leaders by educating them on city functions and growing their leadership abilities with the debut of its reimagined Neighborhood Leadership Academy.

The free, 12-week curriculum has been revamped to offer residents, business owners and association leaders a more condensed, informative and hands-on learning. Each class will instruct members on municipal structure and workflow, give them an opportunity to network with city staff, connect them with volunteer opportunities, teach them the framework of homeowner and condominium associations and finally develop their leadership skills with personalized assessments and interactive activities.

“Engaged and informed citizens are the foundation of our great city,” expressed Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy L. Morales. “This program will not only be successful in motivating and identifying those ambitious residents, but will help to build working relationships with each of them as we open our resources for their use in improving the community.”