State-of-the-art bus shelters will soon inhabit the streets of Miami Beach. In an effort to promote public transit and improve existing bus shelter architecture and functionality, the City Commission began exploring potential designs in December of last year.

“Miami Beach leads the way in design and style,” expressed Commissioner Ricky Arriola. “As a city, we strive to build beautiful, affordable and practical Public Works projects for our residents and visitors to both use and admire. We take pride in our iconic infrastructure pieces like our lifeguard stands, outdoor fitness equipment and soon to be bus shelters.”

This week, the City Commission unanimously approved one of the four designs put forth by the innovative design team ACAI Associates/Pininfarina of America, world-renowned design house, as a primary concept for further development of an iconic bus shelter design.

“To be able to provide aesthetically pleasing designs that are also functional and cost effective is a big plus,” shared Mayor Dan Gelber. “The iconic Miami Beach bus shelter design will have distinguished features intended to improve our city’s transit customer experience.”

Possessing the lowest cost analysis of the designs put forth, the selected concept is a unique design featuring state-of-the-art technology and amenities that enhance the passenger experience with estimated bus/trolley arrival signs and passenger security systems. The conceptual design also features an LED display that will allow for additional revenue opportunities through advertising, as well as a temper glass frame and awning.

“The way of living and commuting are in a continuous evolution,” noted an ACAI Associates/Pininfarina representative. “We are excited to take part of the design behind the next iconic bus shelters for the City of Miami Beach while celebrating its architecture and providing a smart, functional and unique experience.”