Carmen Consoli is a Sicilian singer-songwriter-superstar
in Italy. She built her audience first as a rocker and a pop singer, but since rocketing to fame in Italy in the early 2000s, she has branched out. Along with the hits and anthems, she has released albums that explore acoustic music of Sicilian and Mediterranean folk instruments.
Her music has incorporated folky transparency and pan-Mediterranean heritage, hints of gypsy violins and multileveled lyrics anchored by her lovely smoky voice. She remains one of Italy’s best loved artists, awarded countless music and civic awards, including being named a Goodwill Ambassador by Unicef, and a Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. She has released 11 studio albums, and amassed 11 platinum and 2 gold record certifications.
Gio Evan is a versatile artist, writer and poet, philosopher, humorist, performer, songwriter and street artist. He spent eight years journeying the world on a bicycle. His travels took him across Europe, then to India, South America and beyond, to live alongside local teachers, musicians, mystics and magicians, receiving shamanic initiations and activations in the vibrational and therapeutic world. When he returned home to Italy, he was filled with gratitude and the need to live amidst art, surrealism, and sacred play. Throughout 2015 he began publishing works of fiction and poetry, and also launched some musical and performance projects. By 2017 he was the most-read Italian living poet! He is also a popular performer in Italy, and has returned to the stage this year.
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