On October 3rd, 2019, County Commissioners advanced legislation, filed by Vice Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa, extending the Biscayne Bay Task Force through 2020.

The Biscayne Bay Task Force was established in February of this year thanks to a resolution filed by Vice Chairwoman Sosa and the unanimous support of the County Commission. The mission of the task force is to advise the County Commission and the Mayor on issues related to Biscayne Bay and produce a report with written recommendations. The original legislation creating the task force specified that its term last 220 days ending by September of 2019. However, despite the diligent efforts of the members of the task force more time is needed to produce the final report. Therefore, Vice Chairwoman Sosa introduced two legislative items, a resolution extending the task force’s time to February of 2020 and an ordinance further extending the term to August of 2020. The ordinance was necessary since County Code stipulates that County boards created for more than one year be created by ordinance. At the County Commission’s October 3rd, 2019 meeting the resolution was adopted and the ordinance advanced on first reading. The ordinance will return to the County Commission at a future meeting for final adoption.

“I commend the Biscayne Bay Task Force for the great work they are doing to help identify solutions to the most pressing issues affecting our wonderful bay,” said Vice Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa. “This extension is vital to giving the task force the time it needs to accomplish this incredibly important task. I look forward to reviewing the final report and moving forward with implementing solutions that defend and preserve the bay for our children and grandchildren.”

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